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Residential Aged Care

Timbrebongie House is a community project which was built for the frail aged in the local area to allow our residents to remain near their families while receiving quality care consistent with their needs. Timbrebongie provides a homelike residence for forty- seven  residents. There are thirty hostel rooms, one respite room and sixteen rooms in the secured wing. Ageing in place is practised.


All rooms are single with their own ensuite. We have large rooms and small. Please contact us for more information on the type of room and care services you need. We will be able to explain to you the different options along with the costs. 


Timbrebongie offers both Respite and Permanent Residential Care. You need to be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to be eligible for both types of care. If you have not already been assessed for care in an aged care home, including respite care, you (or your nominated representative) need to call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit the My Aged Care Website for more information. My Aged Care staff will ask you questions about your current needs and circumstances so they can refer you for an assessment.

- Residential Respite Care

You can access residential respite care for up to 63 days per financial year at a reduced rate, subsidised by the Australian Government. 

Respite Care is short-term care available to you if your carer(s) are unable to care for you at home for a short period, or they would like a break from caring for you. We can take care of you so you can rest and/or recover as well as your carer having the opportunity for some rest or a holiday too.

- Residential Permanent Care

If you are unable to care for yourself or be cared for at home, Timbrebongie offers long-term permanent care. We can help take the burdens of everyday living away so you can relax and rest.

We aim to provide a comfortable and safe environment for you to call home.


Some of the care and services provided at Timbrebongie are:


Accommodation Services 

  • utilities

  • furnishings

  • bedding

  • cleaning

  • waste disposal

  • laundry

  • basic toiletries

  • meals

Personal Care and Wellbeing Services:

  • showering, personal hygiene and grooming

  • communicating

  • emotional support

  • administering medicines and carrying out treatments

  • arranging access to health professionals

  • assistance in emergencies

  • managing effects of cognitive impairment

  • physiotherapy and podiatry care

  • hand and nail care

  • daily activities

  • bus trips and hairdressing services 

  • church services

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