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Types of Care and Fees

Types of Care

Timbrebongie can provide help with everyday tasks, personal care and nursing care, including:

Accommodation - your room and all the things that come with it, including furnishings and bedding

Hotel-type services - Services to meet your day-to-day needs such as meals, laundry and services. It also includes the services that maintain the aged care home. This covers cleaning, heating and cooking, and maintenance of the grounds and building.

Care services 

Personal care help such as bathing, eating, help with taking medications, and carrying out health treatments. 

Clinical care according to your needs. This can include special bedding, nursing services and therapy services such as speech therapy, podiatry (foot care) and physiotherapy.



Each facility sets their own room price, within a prescribed limit, and costs will vary. How much you will have to pay depends on the place you choose and an assessment of your income and assets. Typically, there are three types of costs associated with all aged care homes:

A basic daily fee  The maximum is currently $58.98 per day. This is set by the government and is 85% of the single aged care pension. It is a maximum amount that everyone pays for the services they receive.

Accommodation costs
A varying cost for your room based on a means assessment done by the government.

Means tested care fee

Your means tested care fee will be between $0 and $358.41 per day. It is a varying cost for the care services you receive based on a means test assessment. It does not remain fixed when you enter aged care, it can change over time. 


You can get an idea of what you may have to pay by using the government's fee estimator.

Read more about the costs and fees on the government's aged care homes costs page.

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